It is not the time that counts, but what you do with it

The Book of the Way- Lao Tzu

The Dao – The  Human Life – The Everything in Between

What is the Everything in Between?, you ask.

It is what you make out of it.

You can chose love or hate.

Building up or destruction.

Forgiveness or revenge.

Kindness or aggression.

Hope or hopelessness.

The light or the darkness.

It is the sum of your choices which makes up the essence of your life.

So chose wisely.

The Everything in Between is the life that you chose to life.

Every day, every little step you do, every little word you say.

Let it be governed by love.


What do they see


What do they see when they look at me?

It’s the light they see inside of ME.

This light may shine, but it is not mine.

It’s eternal LOVE that came from above.

The Father’s love, His love song for me.

May you feel this love, wherever you are.

May it set you free and open your heart.

May you see your loved ones in the face of each child,

in every sunset, in every breath that you make.

Your life is blessed every step that you take.

Wherever you go, you can only win.

For your Father’s LOVE, it is within.

It carries you through the heavy and blue.

To the end of the rainbow with a treasure for you.